Author of Zona Land Education

Ed Hello, my name is Ed Zobel and I am the author of Zona Land Education. It is my wish that this site function as a resource for anyone who wants to study or teach physics, the mathematical sciences, or mathematics in general, but are, perhaps, having a difficult time with textbooks and similar approaches. Nothing against textbooks, I like them, but the pictures on the printed page do not move, and hopefully you will enjoy several in Zona Land Education that do. The goal of Zona Land Education is to present many of the fundamental ideas in physics and mathematics at the introductory and intermediate levels in a casual yet meaningful style using a lot of pictures, many animated.

I enjoy programming, ray tracing, virtual reality, photography, and music. Physics and mathematics fascinate me. I have an undergraduate Physics degree from Bradley University and have taught high school physics, mathematics, and computer programing for thirty-two years in the public school system a couple of places across the United States. I'm retired now. The picture is, well, ago.

This project started back around 1995, developed for about five years, rested, and now, 2010, is going through a major reconstruction. Things are getting fixed and updated, new material is being created. 

E-mail a note to me with any comments you have regarding Zona Land Education.

Have fun and best regards,

Ed Zobel