VRML in Zona Land

VRML is a 3-D programming technology for use on the Internet. It is a modeling language for virtual reality worlds. In Zona Land VRML is used to create all sorts of three dimensional mathematical shapes and physics demonstrations.

Virtual reality in Zona Land is done with VRML 1.0 and 2.0. The difference between them is that 2.0 virtual reality worlds can be animated, and you can interact with them in several ways, while 1.0 worlds are static. Expect mostly VRML 2.0 worlds in Zona Land, as it is the preferred virtual environment here. By the way, VRML 2.0 is also called VRML 97.

Most browsers require some type of plug-in to manage VRML.

If you are running Windows and using Internet Explorer, I suggest that you download and install the excellent Cortona VRML browser from Parallel Graphics. You can get it here:


Click the 'Install Cortona VRML Client' button and you will soon be viewing 3D on the Web. I have used this browser in other Windows Internet browsers, such as Opera.

Looks like you can get a Macintosh VRML browser here:


VRML is definitely worth the small effort necessary to get it going. Please e-mail me if you have troubles seeing the VRML in Zona Land.

Happy journeys through VRML.

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