EZ Graph - Sine Function, Amplitude and Translation Variables

Click the 'Draw graph' button in the lower left corner of the EZ Graph app. Explanation below.

Here is the conventional notation for these sine functions and the translation to the computer language type of notation used with EZ Graph:


f1(x) = A sin(x - h) + k translates to EZ Graph as f1(x) = A * sin(x - h) + k
f2(x) = sin(x) translates to EZ Graph as f2(x) = sin(x)


Notice that conventional notation does not require a multiplication operator (between A and sin(x - h)) while the EZ Graph notation does (the * between A and sin(x - h)).

Also note that no parentheses are required to force precedence. Multiplication proceeds before addition automatically, and that's just what we want.


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