The Bouncing 3-D Ball

The following links show a 3-D animated bouncing ball. See the notes below...


These animations are virtual reality worlds. They show the motion of a projectile moving in a three dimensional space. The ball is moving through an (x, y, z) coordinate system. The ball will be seen to be moving in a normal gravitational field. It's acceleration is in the negative y-direction. The ball will be bouncing off invisible boundaries, or walls, located at the ends of the coordinate axes. A wireframe cube marks the bounds of the motion.

Above are several links for you to click. Each link takes you to a different view of the motion.

The simplest view is the Ball Only one. This view gives you an general rotating view of this type of motion. You should probably look here first.

The most complicated view is the one labeled With X, Y, Z Planes. This view shows the motion of the ball and its projected image in each of the three planes of the (x, y, z) coordinate system.

The other views present the motion one plane at a time. Each allows you to view a particular two dimensional slice of the three dimensional motion.


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