Force Component Machine

Force Component Machine

Fx = 0

Fy = 0

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The Force Component Machine lets you visualize the x- and y-components of a two dimensional force vector. You can vary the size (magnitude) of the force and also point it in any direction on the (x, y) plane.

Click or tap the lesser and greater buttons to adjust the size and direction of the two dimensional force vector.

The two dimensional force vector is in dark red.

The x-component is in a light red.

The y-component is is in an lighter red.


The values for the x- and y-components can be positive or negative depending which way that the component is pointing. The following pictures describe this:

Force component signs


The angle describing the direction of the two dimensional force vector is in degrees and is to be considered in standard position. In the above demonstration the angle is shown as a red filled arc symbol.


All numbers are rounded to two decimal points. Numbers such as '3.00' will be shown as '3'.


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