[1] XVA Demonstration, Constant Velocity


xo =
vo =
a =
-100 100 -10 10 -2 2 10 10 10
x vs. t
v vs. t
a vs. t
x = 0
v = 0
a = 0
t = 0


[1] XVA - Constant Velocity

xo = 0.0 m

vo = 0.0 m/s (Vary this for experimentation.)

a = 0.0 m/s2


  • Here the emphasis is on noting that the velocity remains constant at a value of 0.0 m/s. This, of course, causes the object to remain stationary.
  • In all three of the above graphs the graph line of the function is drawn directly over the time axis. It may at first be difficult to see that there is actually data shown on these graphs.

You can change this program's original parameters using the drop down lists near its top. This may aid your understanding. You can always go back to the original parameters using the values above or by reloading this page.

You can get help on running this program here.


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