Wave Interference 3


This animation demonstrates several superpositions of simple wave forms.

Basic operation:

  • The applet starts out running showing the interference of two sinusoidal waves.
  • The several checkboxes have obvious meanings. You can choose to see notes, wave 1, wave 2, and the sum of both waves.
  • Click the 'Draw wave 1' button. A rectangle will appear to the left. Drag your mouse through the rectangle and draw a waveform.
  • Click the 'Draw wave 2' button. A rectangle will appear to the right. Drag your mouse through this rectangle to draw the second waveform.
  • Click the 'Run' button and the hand drawn waves will be set into motion.
  • If you click the 'You' button at the lower right, then you can drag your mouse across the applet horizontally to slowly and carefully examine the interference.


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