Wave Adder

Amplitude Frequency Phase Shift

When two waves interfere...

Their amplitudes add.

Above is Wave Adder 1. Press the 'Draw yellow' button. Then, press the 'Add yellow to white' button. That is how this program works. First you draw the yellow wave, then you add it to the white wave. What follows are the details of the program's operation.

The black section to the right, which covers most of the wave adder, is the graphing area where waves will be drawn, added, and subtracted.

The red lines show the x and y axes. The x-axis, at first not visible since it is covered by the white line, stretches from negative two pi to positive two pi. The y-axis goes from a minimum of -20.0 to a maximum of 20.0.

The whte wave is the current sum.

The white line, or white wave, is the current sum of all the waves that have been added. At first all the amplitudes of the white wave are zero, so, it lies along the x-axis, covering it.

The yellow wave is about to be added.

The yellow line, at first not visible, represents the wave about to be added. This yellow wave is not visible at first, since it has not yet been drawn.

The 'Amplitude', 'Frequency', and 'Phase Shift' input boxes allow you to type in these parameters for the yellow wave, which is about to be added or subtracted from the white wave, or current sum. So, these input boxes describe the yellow wave.

The 'Sine' and 'Cosine' radio buttons determine what trigonometric function the yellow wave will be based upon. So, these buttons also describe the yellow wave.

The 'Draw yellow' button draws the wave which is about to be added, that is, the yellow wave. If you press the 'Draw yellow' button and discover that you have drawn a wave that you do not want, just reenter another set of parameters and press the 'Draw yellow' button again until you get this wave set how you want it.

The 'Add yellow to white' button adds the yellow wave to the current sum, or white wave.

The 'Subtract yellow from white' button subtracts the yellow wave from the current sum, or white wave.

The 'Reset' button gets the wave adder back to its original state, but does not reset any of the parameters for the yellow wave. It leaves those how you last set them.

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