Energy Word Guess

Instructions are below.

man in the moon greeting

Welcome to Zona Land's Word Guess game, it works much like another traditional word guessing game. The word to be guessed appears under the picture of the Man in the Moon, who, by the way, is in charge of the game. At first, the word appears as a group of asterisks, masking its identity. Click on a letter to see if that letter is in the word. If it is, then it will appear in the word, replacing any asterisks where it is located. You win the game when you guess all the letters. You lose when you miss more than five guesses.

  • Pressing the 'New Game' button will start a new game.
  • Pressing the 'More Guesses' button will set you back to zero mistakes. What a deal if things are getting a bit tough!
  • Pressing the 'See Word' button will let you see the word. What a super deal if you are a little low on guessing energy!
  • The game automatically cycles through a list of words on the current topic. There is really no reason to press 'New Game' unless you want to quit guessing in the middle of a game word.

Have fun!

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