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Education in Physics and Mathematics

In Zona Land Education you will find educational and entertaining items pertaining to physics, to the mathematical sciences, and to mathematics in general.

Click the picture on the left, and you will enter the Physics area of Zona Land. Clicking on the right picture will send you to the Mathematics area.

Zona Land Education has been rewritten to HTML5 standards. The Java, Flash, and VRML animated material has been replaced with equivalent or improved HTML5 technology. This should make the animations here visible on most modern (circa. 2014) tablets, phones, and desktops.

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Zona Land Education now has a programing language.


The language is called EZ Math Movie. It is an animated graph paper flipbook application. You can control the drawings on the graph paper using commands from a programing language named EZ Math Movie.

You do not have to know the details of the EZ Math Movie language to see it in use here. You will just be clicking buttons and watching animated math and physics diagrams as they are often presented in Zona Land Education. However, if you click a certain 'Show system' button, then the underlying logic to the diagram will be shown to you in the EZ Math Movie language.

You can learn the details of the EZ Math Movie at its home site: ezmathmovie.com.

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Hello. Perhaps you are interested in learning math by programing computers. A new site by the author of Zona Land Education may help you get started with that. It's called EZ Programing Demos. It has an interactive, animated, slow motion program code demonstrator. The topics presented there are at the beginner's level. A visit to EZ Programing Demos would show you some of the basic ideas needed to study mathematics with computer graphics. It could clear up some confusion that you might have with the computer code presented at EZ Math Movie.

Here's the link: ezprogramingdemos.com


The National Science Teachers Association has selected sections of Zona Land for inclusion in their sciLINKS database.

These are the Isaac Newton section and the Bouncing Ball section.

National Science Teachers Association logo


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