New Items in Zona Land Education


Zona Land Education has been rewritten to HTML5 standards. As of March 2014 the Java, Flash, and VRML animated material has been replaced with equivalent or better HTML5 technology. This should make the material here visible on most modern (circa. 2014) tablets, phones, and desktops. The whole rewrite project started in mid-2010. So, it has taken some time.


Equations for Accelerated Motion Update (4/2016)

The Equations for Accelerated Motion topic in the Kinematics section contains several interactive multiple choice questions over the equations that describe accelerated motion. These questions have all been restyled and now include EZ PCalc to help with the mathematics. You can work on the problem with or without a calculator.

If you can't figure out the problem, a link below it will now load EZ PCalc with meaningful variables and expressions for the problem. You can then see how the solution is expressed on a calculator.

The link above takes you to the home page for this material. From there you can easily find the links to the problems.


EZ PCalc (4/2016)

We have a new calculator in Zona Land Education. The 'P' in 'EZ PCalc' stands for 'Programmable'. This is a calculator that is useful for setting up and solving many typical physics and math problems, and it will often now be included on pages that feature interactive multiple choice math and physics questions. It's a bit like a spread sheet, it's a bit like a tiny math programming language. You can use it for simple calculations, or to set up a multi-step solution with variables and function calls. The above link gets you to EZ PCalc's home page where you'll find the calculator, brief help, and a link to a complete explanation.


Interactive Trigonometry Function Graphs (3/2016)

The above link takes you to a gateway page that leads to dozens of interactive graphs demonstrating the six trig functions - sine, cosine, tangent, cosecant, secant, and cotangent. These graphing examples are preloaded into a copy of Zona Land Education's graphic calculator, EZ Graph, ready for your viewing. All sixty of these graphs show several common representations of the trig functions and their transforms. This section will be expanding further in the future.


3D Vector with Components (3/2016) 

Here's a new section with a few animations and a three dimensional interactive virtual reality world that all demonstrate what we mean by a three dimensional vector and how to visualize its x-, y-, and z-components.


EZ Graph - Conic Sections - Ellipse (2/2016)

EZ Graph - Conic Sections - Parabola (2/2016)

EZ Graph - Conic Sections - Hyperbola(2/2016)

These are all examples of how to use EZ Graph to draw conic sections. Included is step-by-step algebra that shows how to take the conic section equation and rewrite it in a form that is acceptable to a graphic calculator. This information can also be applied to other calculators, and the process is handy to understand for other equations.