XVA, Position, Velocity, Acceleration vs. Time


xo =
vo =
a =
-100 100 -10 10 -2 2 10 10 10
x vs. t
v vs. t
a vs. t
x = 0
v = 0
a = 0
t = 0


XVA is a program that draws three motion graphs:

Position verses time, x vs. t

Velocity verses time, v vs. t

Acceleration verses time, a vs. t


Click 'Start'

Notes follow....

This program will graph the position, velocity, and acceleration of the motion of an object against time.

Here is some help with the details of running XVA: Help.

This program appears throughout the XVA Library section of Zona Land Education, usually set up with original values for the position, velocity, and acceleration of an object so as to demonstrate a certain point under consideration.

On this page is the general application, set here for experimentation with the x, v, and a vs. t graphs. Please refer to the position, velocity, and acceleration sections of the Kinematics section for further study or to the XVA Help page for some quick start information.

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