The XVA Library

Position, Velocity, and Acceleration vs. Time

This is a library containing dozens of examples of sets of position, velocity, and acceleration verses time graphs. Each set of graphs demonstrates an important aspect of understanding motion. Some examples include animations, and almost all examples are linked to demonstrations using the interactive program, XVA.


Each example in this library (links below):

  • Is numbered.
  • Contains an opening description.
  • Lists the original position and velocity, and the constant acceleration.
  • Show the three graphs for the motion: x, v, and a vs. t.
  • Closes with a comment or two.


Also, for each example there is a link that jumps to a page with an XVA program which animates the drawings of the three graphs and the object's motion. If you are unfamiliar with this program, go here for an introduction.


Now, the following pages are hyper-linked here and there throughout. Hopefully, that will help with understanding, allowing you to wander through the library following your current train of thought.

Many of the pages have local bookmark jumps that take you from your current example to another nearby relevant one. In these cases you will notice a 'Back' link that will return you to your previous position on the page. There are also links to related animation pages where appropriate.

The downside of all of this is that you may end up in a hyper-linked tangle. Note that all pages in the library at their top and bottom have a link back to this page, the XVA Library Home; so, if you get lost you can hop back to here, the front door


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