The Physics Department - Mechanics, Kinematics

Paths In Snow 1 Dimensional Motion

What Are Deltas?

Position vs. Time

Constant, Changing, and Average Velocity

Slopes and Areas
2D Motion Looper


XVA Library

Equations for Accelerated Motion

Kinematics is the study of how things move. Here, we are interested in the motion of normal objects in our world. A normal object is visible, has edges, and has a location that can be expressed with (x, y, z) coordinates. We will not be discussing the motion of atomic particles or black holes or light.

We will create a vocabulary and a group of mathematical methods that will describe this ordinary motion. Understand that we will be developing a language for describing motion only. We won't be concerned with what is causing or changing the motion, or more correctly, the momentums of the objects. In other words, we are not concerned with the action of forces within this topic.

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